Getting There

There are many ways to get to the festival.

Firstly, catching the Lilydale line train to Mooroolbark station is a viable option for anyone from the inner city suburbs or Lilydale.

As seen below, there is only a 5 minute walk through the shopping precinct, from the station to Red Earth Park. And with trains only 20 minutes apart throughout the day, Metro is providing a perfect opportunity for everyone to get to the festival.




PLEASE NOTE: The route for buses are only impacted between 10-11, and will go to Mooroolbark Station as usual after the Parade has ended

There are a number of buses which arrive at Mooroolbark station.

Area 3/Area 4 bus from Chirnside park will not arrive at Mooroolbark station due to the road closure

(Area 3 and Area 4 are the same bus)

However will arrive at the corner of Bathurst Street and Charles Street (map bellow)

bus map


Bus timetable bellow


The area 2 bus will also be running, however will be impacted by the road closure and will be operating to and from the railway crossing on Manchester Road (Map bellow)

bus 2

Timetable :



There are multiple bike paths going in and out of Mooroolbark, why not help your health AND the environment by walking or riding into the festival, not to mention you can save the stress of parking !!

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