• 2020 FESTIVAL: March 20th & 21st

    Red Earth Park &
    Mooroolbark Community Centre

    From Station St, along Brice Ave to
    Red Earth Park

    [Below Image: Swordcraft Group at Celebrate Mooroolbark 2019]

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Celebrate Mooroolbark 2018!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in Celebrate Mooroolbark 2018 when our No Barriers, Future Possibilities theme came alive. 

It was the first year that we have been washed out and had to close down due to weather conditions, and we were very impressed with the way everyone handled it. 

We were lucky that RedEarth Unearthed went ahead as planned on the Friday night, and that the parade went through without a hitch before the storm hit!  Our gratitude goes out to all who assisted, in particular, the Mooroolbark SES, who were so kind as to help us direct cars off-site. 


What a diverse range of entries we received for the Short Film Competition this year!  

We appreciate the effort that our entrants made in meeting our No Barriers – Future Possibilities theme and we saw many representations of STEAM, from inventions to rocket science to renewable energy.  The animations and other special effects really helped the competition take off into the future!

With a record number of 101 entries, it was difficult to choose a winner, however, we felt that 11-year-old animator Jett James’ entry titled “ Grunt the Great Inventor” was a clear stand out for first prize.  Jett also won the People’s Choice Award.

Our runner-up was Michael Stephens’ with his entry titled “Harry Potter in Real Life

Other finalists included:

Ovni Vaca Studio
James William
Fereydoon Borouji
Gregory Ayriyan

A special thanks to Harvey Norman Springvale for sponsoring the 2018 Film Competition with some fantastic prizes!


The writing competition was expanded this year to include comic strips, in addition to the usual short stories, and this made for some exciting entries!

We had a great response from several schools in the area:  Bimbadeen Heights Primary School, Lilydale Primary School, Lilydale High School, Manchester Primary School, Mt Evelyn Primary School and Pembroke Primary School.

The stories largely featured future time travel into outer space and ideas on how to make life easier on planet earth. (An amusing idea was to delete the need for homework… which seems to be self-defeating if we want our future generations to come up with mathematical and or scientific solutions to earth’s problems!).

There was a cautionary tale regarding the overuse of mobile phones and the effect it will have on our ability to socially interact.

And a very moving piece about a young girl finding herself in the future and able to bring back with her the cure for cancer when she returns to the present, and consequently is able to pass it on to her grandmother and many other people around the world.

First Prize, Cat 1 (Prep – Gr 2):  Teddy Patterson, Mt. Evelyn Primary School

First Prize, Cat. 2 (Gr 3 – 6): Stephanie Butler, Lilydale Primary School;

Second Prize, Cat 2 (Gr 3 – 6):  Hadassah Rickard, Bimbadeen Heights Primary;

Third Prize, Cat 2 (Gr 3 – 6):  Tegan McDonald, Pembroke Primary School;

First Prize, Cat 3 (Yr 7 – 12):  Kylie Wilkinson, Lilydale High School;

The overall Schools Prize went to Lilydale Primary School.

A huge thanks to James Merlino MP for his sponsorship of the 2018 Writing Competition.


This year we had quite a number of entries submitted from local primary schools: Bimbadeen Heights, Pembroke, Manchester and Yarra Ranges Special Developmental Schools.

A strong emphasis on robotics (our favourites were the ones geared to do the housework!) and environmental issues (eg., one entrant’s clever use of old garden hoses to make an outdoor mat and another, a chicken constructed from chicken wire who was devouring discarded plastic wrappers and about to lay a plastic egg!).

There were plenty of delighted reactions from passers-by and shop owners in The Terrace Shopping Centre where the Recycled Sculptures were displayed before and after the festival.

First Prize went to Isla Wakeham from Pembroke Primary School (who will receive the Perpetual Trophy) and an Honourable Mention went to Tegan McDonald, also from Pembroke.

Thank you to the Disabled People’s Group for their sponsorship of the 2018 Recycled Sculpture Competition.


We were inspired to see such imaginative and creative entries in our Parade this year and appreciated the effort put into meeting our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) theme.

We could only choose two winners. First Place was awarded to Yarra Heights Dance Academy with their energetic dancing (for the entire length of the parade!) and futuristic fluorescent costumes.

Pembroke Primary School followed in Second Place as the judges loved their whacky blue wigs, marching along as a group of mad scientists!

Watch the parade as it was broadcast on Yarra Ranges Life TV here!

Thanks to Tony Smith MP, Christine Fyffe MP, Bridget Vallence and David Hodgett MP for sponsoring the Parade Competition in 2018.


Well done the 2018 Red Earth UnEarthed participants!  Winners (in no particular order) were as follows:

Open Section – First Prize
Dee (Ilona Gallow)

Open Section – Second Prize
Kathie Kenyon

Open Section – Third Prize
Day Dreamers

Junior Section – First Prize
Jasmyne Morrison

Junior Section – Second Prize
Kate Pengelly

Junior Section – Third Prize
Tayla Shearer

People’s Choice Group
Mooroolbark Girl Guides & The Garneddies

People’s Choice –Individual/Duo
Ebony O’Neil and Jade Schneider

An enormous thanks to the Lions Club of Mooroolbark for their generous sponsorship of Red Earth UnEarthed once again.

And most of all, thank you to all who participated by entering a competition in 2018, we hope to see you again in 2019!

Yarra Ranges TV

Don’t like to read? Then sit back and relax and listen to Vice Chairperson, Ash Millar tell you what’s happening at Celebrate Mooroolbark festival on Yarra Ranges TV.

A Massive Program For You!

Here’s the low down. Short & sweet because there’s SO much to include!!

Harvey Norman Springvale is bringing their STEAM team! They’re loading up the truck with VR and gaming, robots, droids, drones, cameras to run free workshops, T-Shirt and mug printing and items for a silent auction to raise money for Save the Rhinos!! “The boss” is even keen to include a display of vintage tech from his personal collection, which is quite AMAZING.

You’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Museum Victoria’s interactive display and
  • storytelling with Eastern Regional Libraries,
  • roving performers,
  • numerous rides,
  • an animal petting farm,
  • Scout rope bridge,
  • classic cars,
  • a MASSIVE marketplace with retailers, food, drinks and community information, free workshops and
  • Yarra Ranges Regional Museum’s very cool interactive workshops at 11am and 12pm demonstrating lots of spinning objects and a dancing robot and you will learn how to make, decorate and test-fly your own Bitty (little) Boomerang!

Find details and highlights on our Program page on:

  • the Main Stage program,
  • Mooroolbark Community Centre,
  • our Active Living Hub,
  • the Youth Stage and
  • Belly Dancing.
And an added feature this year is the Mini Vintage Computer Faire hosted by Microbee Technology. We recently discovered this little gem hidden away in our vintage shopping centre (The Terrace). Ewan J Wordsworth purchased the original 1980s Australian computer company Microbee, whom he worked for as a teenager when they supplied a majority of Australian schools with computers. He now rebuilds vintage computers and produces computer kits for kids getting into an IT career.
Here’s an interview with Ewan by the Centre for Computing History in the UK on YouTube here.

And for those that can’t go without a map (that’s me), here it is.

Site Map and highlights at Celebrate Mooroolbark 2018.


It’s Competition Time!!

Start work on your entries now, showcase your talents and win! Here are the 2018 competitions laid out for you, take your pick and then click on the links for more details and entry forms.

pexels-photo-116366.jpegProduce your own mini sci-fi on your phone and enter the Short Film Comp. Sponsored by Harvey Norman Springvalethere are some very exciting prizes on the way…

How could you resist?!?

Click HERE for more info and to enter.

Enter the parade with friends, a community group, school, business and take out the best-dressed prize of $400 CASH for your group! Winners will be awarded 1st and 2nd place ($200 CASH) by local Liberal representatives; Federal Liberal Member for Casey and 30th Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Tony Smith MP; State Member for Casey Christine Fyffe; and State Member for Croydon, the Hon David Hodgett MP

Follow THIS LINK for more info and to register your groups’ participation.

Imagine a fictionalised future, interview someone about their vision, produce a comic or research the profession of a scientific field for your writing competition entry!

Winners will be awarded their prizes on the main stage at 12.15pm by our Deputy Premier, Labor Minister for Education and Emergency Services, the Hon James Merlino MP!

Cash prizes to be award as follows:

Section 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
PRESCHOOL – GRADE 2: $20 $15 $10
GRADES 3 – 6: $30 $25 $20
YEARS 7 – 12: $50 $35 $25

AND a school’s prize of $100 will be awarded to the best performance overall. Click HERE for details on how to enter, but be quick!

art-creative-metal-creativity.jpgGet hands-on with found objects and materials, build your own invention for the future and enter it into the recycled sculpture competition!

There’s a $100 cash prize for the best entry! Sponsored by the Disabled Peoples’ Group. Info on how to enter is HERE.

Take your talent to the stage in Red Earth UnEarthed!

7:30pm Friday March 23, 2018 @ Mooroolbark Community Centre.

1st prize winners in each category below are given the opportunity to perform on the main stage at the festival the following day, Saturday 24 March 2018.


Section 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
UNDER 16: $100 $75 $50
OPEN: $100 $75 $50

Click HERE to enter before Friday 16 March. Instrumentalists, magicians and unusual acts particularly encouraged to apply!

A huge thanks to our Red Earth Partners, the Lions Club of Mooroolbark, Mooroolbark Christian Fellowship and Yarra Ranges Council.

Entries to all competitions will be regarded highly if they fit the theme and this year we are building the festival around the theme of

No Barriers – Future Possibilities…

What does this mean?

Think of the many ways that the human race has overcome barriers to date and then imagine the future possibilities; planes and spacecraft have taken us into the skies and beyond, both modern and ancient medicines have tackled deadly diseases, overcome disabilities and improved our quality of life. Where will such things as robotics take us into the future?

We will be placing a strong focus on advancements in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) disciplines, and the way they have developed and interrelate with our lives to open up future possibilities and break down the barriers we face. For children and teens, we are highlighting the fun in learning in areas such as robotics, coding, engineering and animation.

We Blinked!

I’m sure you all did it too, blinked. And suddenly 2017 has gone!!

Next, it’ll be Celebrate Mooroolbark already! (March 23/24 in case you missed it)

This coming year we are building the festival around the theme of…

No Barriers – Future Possibilities… 

We will be placing a strong focus on advancements in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, and the way they have developed and interrelate with our lives to open up future possibilities and break down barriers faced.

Tubby the Robot

Tubby the Robot in Celebrate Mooroolbark’s Street Parade.

Mooroolbark is a diverse community of people of different ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic positions, needs and capabilities. In 2018, we will be working towards accessibility to the festival for all members of our community.

For children and teens, we are highlighting the fun in learning with robotics, coding, engineering and animation.

The world as we know it is changing to make it easier for people to overcome the barriers that limit them…what is the future going to look like?

2018 Stall applications are NOW OPEN.

In particular this year, we are seeking groups that care for differently abled individuals or minority groups to come on board to educate and assist us to discover better ways to practice inclusion and encourage involvement.

As always, we encourage those local to Mooroolbark to apply! More information and the application form can be found here.