• 2020 FESTIVAL: March 20th & 21st

    Red Earth Park &
    Mooroolbark Community Centre

    From Station St, along Brice Ave to
    Red Earth Park

    [Below Image: Swordcraft Group at Celebrate Mooroolbark 2019]

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Rename the Talent Quest!

It’s been suggested a few times, so now we’re putting the vote to YOU. Should we rename the Talent Quest? What should it be called?

…BTW, the next TQ is at 7.30pm Friday 18th March, 2016. Put it in your diary now! Participants get your applications in via our website @ https://celebratemooroolbark.com/competitions/

Local band, INH, at Celebrate Mooroolbark 2015

INH at Celebrate Mooroolbark 2015


2 Responses

  1. I suggested the name RED EARTH FACES as a play on Red Earth and Red Faces. If Hey Hey weren’t likely to sue, it might be a catchy name that is a little more playful and may encourage those who feel silly entering into a “talent quest” as it may seem too formal and awkward. The Red Faces spin may draw attention from both entrants and spectators to make it a little more fun….? They always had good quality talent as well as those that may be considered more entertaining than talented. So a fitting name for a fun & talented event.
    Also we are technically faces of the Red Earth area…so defence case is ready!

    • Hm yes I think there’s enough alteration to the Red Faces name to make it okay, but I’d have to make sure. I enjoy the multi-facet nature of your idea Lorna and I’ll definitely take it back to the committee. Thanks for your input. 🙂

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